Do Not Buy From These People!

Scammers List

To protect you all, we have compiled this list of known scammers to avoid, so you don’t get ripped off! If you are an every day joe, or if you run a forum, group, or any other such site, beware of them! If you want to submit a scammer to this list, submit their FB username and/or real name by sending us a quick message to us here, along with copy/pasted proof of their scamming activities and / or a brief explanation. Also, be wary of people who go around bad-mouthing other sources as more often than not.. these people have a hidden agenda. Sometimes they are competitors trying to get you to switch over to their brand of friends brand. Other times they may have an ax to grind with the vendor. Or simply, they sometimes are just people who really don’t know what they are doing and look to blame the products rather than their lack of proper workouts, diet, rest patterns etc. Many people like to blame others for their short-comings. Just be wary of this! Here are, unfortunately, some recent examples of this:

Gabriel Robinson

Jason Saenz

Tarzan Smith

Tuma Ace

Moving on, here are more contact info’s of those who are known to also be scammers…

Steroid Scammers Email Addresses
demuscleman@elitefitness.comCopycat – check spelling

Steroid Scammers Websites