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Reconstituting Peptides

We are here today covering one of the most common issues researchers struggle with when embarking on their experimentation with peptides.

What is that, you might ask…?

Very simple…

You buy a vial of peptides for, well researching, only to receive a vial filled with white powder.

The astute researcher then realizes that to administer the peptide in a laboratory setting they must:

Reconstitute the research peptide!

But how does a researcher do such a thing?! The research peptide source didn’t send anything else…

  • No…Bacteriostatic Water
  • No…Insulin Syringes
  • No…Alcohol Prep Pads

Luckily, if a researcher runs across this common issue, there’s a simple solution:

Contact Us Here!

We will get you the reconstitution kit you need for your research — with everything you need to reconstitute and administer peptides in your laboratory setting.

Of course, spending an hour or two sourcing the web for everything needed is an alternative. But it’s much easier using the source above for the astute researcher.

We will even help you decipher exactly what you need to do… step by step… for your particular research project!

Yours in research,

The Anabolica Team